"It has been developed and manufactured with the mother’s sincere love for children, 
for passing down the clean environment in which children can breathe freely."

What is EcoMother?

It is produced with the eco-friendly non-gas extruding expandable technology.

For raw materials, base pellets, processed with EcoRecell,

polyolefine resin, and additives are used.

Depending on the mold design technology used, it is divided into EcoMother-L, a circular shape, and EcoMother-F, a foam shape.

The environment-friendly characteristics of EcoMother

Eco-friendly extrusion foaming method reduces carbon

Since it is produced with the eco-friendly non-gas extruding expandable technology unlike the existing products (EPS, XPS, EPE, EPP, and so on) so it has no residual smell of gas and generates almost no CO2.

Zero environmental pollution during incineration

Also, almost no harmful gases are generated in the manufacturing and or incineration process and its biomass content is more than 50%. It is a new eco-friendly material with outstanding economic feasibility since it utilizes  recycled bio materials.

Using environmentally friendly materials

EcoMother is made of functional natural cellulose so it is eco-friendly and has outstanding buffer, insulation, and aesthetic properties. It is widely used for buffer materials and packaging materials. By varying its size, it can be used for various other purposes.

The process of making EcoMother


Packaging material, buffer material, sound absorbing material 

Packaging buffer material for electric and electronic devices, and interim process  

Packaging material for parts of vehicle, and sound absorbing materials for vehicle 

Packaging material for fruits and food 

Packaging material for medical products including medicine 

Construction floor materials (sound absorbing materials, buffer materials) 
Various purpose of use depending on the insulation performance

Insulation material for timber houses and houses of up to 5th story

Partition for interior

Composite material and heat reflecting insulation material

Cooling material used for transporting of frozen food products

Disposable fiber material

(disposable slipper, disposable operation cover, packaging material for duty free products)

All-purpose leisure, sports

(toddler cushion, septifer smashing demonstration tool, outdoor cushion, pet bowel pad, etc.)


"We create products by putting new value in bio raw materials found in nature"

What is EcoRecell?

It is a new concept power product that realizes miniaturization of bio raw materials by mass, eco-friendly, low-cost method

It is a powdered bio material; it is produced by refining cellulose polymers, obtained from various natural cellulose polymers including coffee, sugar cane, and rice bran as well as raw materials such as waste paper, into the nano or micro unit.

Special Properties of Natural Bio-Cellulose Polymer Depending on its color, crystallinity, aesthetic, degradability, and others, it can be assigned with various properties so they can be used as additive for diverse application fields.

Since its manufacturing process is differentiated from other processes, it is possible to supply in a large volume.

EcoRecell's ingredients

Micro and Nano Refining (Powder)



(Waste Paper)


Coffee Sludge


Sugar Cane


Corn Leaves


Rice Bran



Our Company directly manufactures and supplies EcoRecell. OEM production is available as well as production and supply for customized functional powder

Tech Platform Business

"Total Solution Provider of environment-friendly bio-new materials"

We use bio raw materials and provide facilities for the production of new materials through non-gas extrusion foaming.

We provide production technology to manufacture bio-new materials.

We provide bio raw materials for bio-new material manufacturing.

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